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Why Is It Important For You To Contact Us Before The Floor Is Placed Or Poured? – #ASKCI


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This one is particular to new construction only.

There are a couple reasons:

  1. We will work with the flatwork contractors and provide design mix AND placement techniques to ensure that your final product will have the look and finish you are going for. It is very important that the flatwork contractor and the polishing contractor coordinate as they are working together on the same canvas. Failure to comply with CI’s best practices can result in unwanted problems with the concrete, such as: straight edge lines, or even footprints, it also decreases the chance of uniform exposure if the floor is wavy or uneven.
  2. Edging can add time and added expenses to the final project. Our large floor grinders only get within 3-5 inches of walls. That means if you want those 3-5 inches done, we need to hand grind around those walls. If we are able to get into the project before the interior walls go up, then there is less cost and less time involved as that handwork no longer needs to be done.
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