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Do You Cast Your Countertops In Place Or Install Them Like Granite Or Marble – #ASKCI


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Unlike those shows you may have seen on HGTV or DIY Network casting your countertop in place is a not a good idea for several reasons. If you cast on your existing cabinets, when the time comes that you want to replace them, you could end up having to remove the cabinets too because they become an integral part of the countertop. Also, you do not get the quality of fit and finish that you do when molds are made and cast in a shop. Finally, do you really want a “Concrete Guy” working in your kitchen for 2-3 weeks mixing concrete then grinding and coloring? Here at CI we come to your location and make a template which we take back to our shop and make a mold. The countertop is created in the shop and then installed on location just like granite or marble.

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