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Concrete Countertop Customization: Limitless Potential – #ASKCI


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Concrete can be sculpted and molded to your creative desire.

Its versatility lends itself to a full range of design styles, from contemporary to classic.

Concrete can be left in its natural state to complement materials like wood, stone, and brick yet it can also be treated to become a canvas for your imagination.

Colors, stains, pigments, and aggregates can be used to customize your concrete canvas to your desire.

Dyes, stains, and pigments are used to color.

Aggregate can be ground down to three depths with colored or natural options.

The finishes include a cream finish, salt & pepper, and full exposure.

With edging – popular options include bull nose, as-cast or honeycomb, chiseled, and straight edge.

Yet you can get fancy.

Inserts and impressions continue your level of customization.

Even though we can insert almost anything, popular inserts include:

glass, wood, tiles, and agate.

You can even insert your favorite mementos and impressions of leaves are a nice touch.

Sculpting and molding gives you added functionality.

Such as spaces for cutting boards, spaces for drainboards and even drain boards with metal grates built-in so that you can slide the grate over to your sink.

You can even make more unique spaces, like for a plant.

To complement your countertops we can create matching backsplashes.

Need a sink? We can do that, we can craft integral sinks right into your countertops.

Countertops can vary in thickness, today’s trend is three-quarter inch.

But we can also create the illusion of increased thickness, by crafting the concrete into a cap.

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