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Polished concrete floors and additional flooring services for your home or business on new or existing concrete.


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Polished, stained, and/or dyed concrete floors

Whether you need new concrete poured or have existing concrete floors, polished concrete floors will out last any other flooring solution. Over its lifespan, it becomes the most affordable offering in comparison to other flooring solutions. It's the lowest maintenance and can be stained protected. Concrete floors can be customized with dyes and stains which can create patterns, logos, and other decorative designs.



Dyed concrete provides the largest amount of coloring options for your concrete floor. It gives you a more uniform look when compared to stained concrete. There are currently 24 different colors to choose from. You can use these dyes to color an entire room or create logos of your company or favorite sports team.


Stained concrete floors offer you unnatural characteristics such as unique blotches and spots as points of interest. You can go with colors that blend together, or you can go with a light and dark contrast to really emphasize the different designs and patterns.


You can use dyes to create logos of your company, favorite sports team, or other artistic designs.


Decorative saw-cuts allow pattern designs from large checkerboards to tiles to wavy patterns.


Picture your floor in layers. Shaving off the first layer gives you a “salt-and-pepper” look. Shaving off the second layer gives you a “varied exposure” look.


Stain Resistance

Our exclusive stain protection system is resistant to food and oil stains. Also on the list – tire marks, brake fluid, gasoline… even salt and wine!

Low Maintenance

Lower maintenance costs – no wax or coatings required to maintain shine. The floor will not blister like epoxy and other coatings due to moisture or vapor transmission. Because of the fact there is no coating to bubble or peel, all that is required to maintain our highly stain resistant finish is soap and water!

Reduced Allergens

Polished concrete flooring reduces allergen and dust mite problems, and doesn’t support mold growth, which is a big issue in carpet and other floor coating systems.

Cost Effective

Polished concrete will reduce energy and maintenance costs significantly.

  • Lower electric bill
  • Reflectivity and ambient lighting
  • Reduction in upkeep (such as waxing)
  • Reduced wear (abrasion resistant surface)

Reduced Wear

The rough, uneven texture of natural concrete causes tires and foot traffic to abrade. A polished concrete floor system will help flatten & strengthen the surface preventing this abrasion.

Slip Resistant

Despite the high sheen, our exclusive polishing system allows us to create a floor that is classified as slip resistant.


Polished Concrete and the products we use are eco-friendly. LEED Certifiable Polished concrete utilizes existing concrete surfaces to eliminate additional materials such as coverings/coatings and moves towards sustainable building. It typically contains no VOC’s making it friendly for any USGB LEED project.

COMMERCIAL USE: No Production/Plant Shutdowns

Mechanically polished concrete can be put into service immediately after the process is complete.

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Concrete Repair & Restoration

Old, deteriorating concrete experiencing pitting or cracking can be repaired and even restored. This is far more affordable than ripping it out.

Concrete Slab-Curl Flattening

Whether it's slab-curl or a completely bad pour, we can save you the extreme expense of ripping the entire floor out.

Floor Preparation / Profiling

If you have a project that (somehow) can’t utilize the concrete flooring, but you need the surface to be ground and prepped for a different flooring system, we can help create a profile for your floor in a fraction of the time it would take with standard grinders.

Epoxy & Paint Removal

Floor paint and epoxies always look great when first done, but thanks to the extreme change in temperatures in the North-East, these coatings tend to eventually bubble and peel. We can grind off that failed coating and provide a stain resistant solution that will never bubble or peel off.

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Polishable overlays allow us to create a polished concrete look on any solid substrate. Whether you want to cover up an old piece of deteriorating concrete, or just want the look that a new overlay provides, this new option provides limitless customization normally not available until now.

Marble & Terrazzo Floors

We provide marble and terrazzo restoration. Whether it just needs a new shine, or it’s been covered by tile, wood, and carpet for years, we can bring that floor back to life.